Pancake Tuesday

For the day that's in it - a foolproof pancake recipe

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Lifestyle Reporter

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Don't forget the pancakes today!

Today, Tuesday, February 13 is Pancake Tuesday and, for the day that's in it, we've got a foolproof pancake recipe guaranteed to taste delicious to the very last bite!

Please note this recipe is for thinner style pancakes.

You will need:
125g of plain flour
2 eggs, medium sized
300ml of milk
Pinch of salt

Beat the eggs together.
Pour the flour into a bowl and make a well in the middle.
Pour the eggs into the well and whisk together.
Gradually, add in the milk.
Put the mixture in the fridge for at least 30 minutes

To cook

Heat a shallow frying pan - preferably non-stick.
Add a small amount of oil or butter. Don't have the pan too hot or your mixture will stick and burn!
Ladle out your mixture – one ladle equals one pancake
When you see bubbles appearing on the surface of the pancake, give your pancake a jiggle and when it no longer sticks give it a flip to do the other side. Or if, like the rest of us, flipping pancakes are beyond our capabilities, loosen the underside of the pancake with a turner (see picture below if you don't know what this is!) and then flip it over with the utensil.