Alcohol Awareness Day Friday 15th June

Men urged to rethink their next drink on Alcohol Awareness Day

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Lifestyle Reporter

New alcohol bill.

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Men’s Health Week 2018 aims to heighten awareness of preventable health problems, support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyles, and encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties.

Despite the ground-breaking achievements made in Ireland, men still experience higher death rates for all the leading causes of death and die, on average, four and a half years younger. This has wide-reaching repercussions which stretch far beyond the life satisfaction of men themselves, and impacts upon others in their lives, their families, friends, work colleagues, industry and the economy.

This year’s theme for Men’s Health Week  #MensHealthWeek  borrows from the immortal phrase: ‘One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind’.

Men's Health Week 2018, is focussed on asking men ‘what’s your small step going to be?’

By taking at least one small step to improve their own health and the health of males

throughout the country, it is hoped that this will lead to a giant leap for men’s health.

Today, Friday 16th June – Alcohol Awareness Day, Alcohol Action Ireland is asking all men to take that one step and rethink alcohol? Three quarters of all alcohol-related deaths are men.

Commenting on the Alcohol Awareness day, Eunan McKinney, Alcohol Action Ireland, said:

‘Men tend not to take too much notice of what their consuming, especially in terms of weight gain - do they know how many calories alcohol is adding to their waistline; do they know how many Standards drinks they’re taking, and have they thought about the harm their drinking is impacting on others? Probably not especially.

By taking this one small step to be better informed, to be safe and to ensure others are too, all Men can take that step to improve their health and the lives of others.  And who knows, maybe better enjoy World Cup 2018.’