Top tips if for those searching for third level accommodation

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Lifestyle Reporter

Top tips if you are searching for third level accomodation

Are you getting set to look for college accommodation?

With CAO Results imminent, students and parents will soon switch their focus from points and course options to accommodation solutions.

CAO offers will be made on August 20 leading to a scramble for the most suitable living arrangements. Securing acceptable accommodation presents many hurdles and problems for students and their families.

Living away from home can be an exciting rite of passage for many young people and a daunting prospect for others. Price, location, safety, amenities, atmosphere are all key to the decision.  Leading student accommodation provider Hazelwood Student Village share their top dos and don’ts when searching for student accommodation. 

Do: Start your search now – Location, Location, Location

If you have filled out your CAO form you know the location of the universities and colleges you have applied to. Start your search now.  Before you receive your CAO offer know the area you’d like to live in. Create a shortlist. You would be best placed to start your search now and familiarise yourself with what is to offer. Identify properties in these areas that were on offer within your budget last year. It’s important to think about the convenience of your accommodation; would you be near to the university facilities, local shops, nightlife?  identify areas with good transport links so that you can widen your search. Prioritise areas where you will feel safe, check that it is close to amenities and shops. With these areas mapped out you will be a step ahead when you receive your CAO offer.

Do: Work out your priorities and your non-negotiables – Safe and Sound

Think about your preferred accommodation. To share or not to share? What are your priorities? Security, Ease of Access to college, Strong reliable internet connection, bedroom size, Public transport directly into the City Centre or to your college or university? What can’t you live without? Do you need a TV in your room or will a shared TV in the sitting room be acceptable? Once you have identified what your top priorities are, this will help narrow down your search. 

Safety and security should be top of the agenda when you move into a new property. Some purpose-built student accommodation has security gates, manned security personnel.  Make sure these are on your list. 

Do: Ask for advice

If you have any friends or family living in Dublin ask them what they know – you never know what tips they might come out with. If you know students the year ahead of you who have been through this exercise ask their advice. 

Don’t: Panic and take the first accommodation you view

Once you have started searching for accommodation in or near Dublin, don’t make the rookie error of placing a deposit with the first place you view. Make sure to shop around.

Don’t: Be scammed

There are online scams and frauds. Meet the landlord or agency. If you pay in cash, get a receipt.  Only sign a contract for the period you intend to stay in the accommodation, remember if you do not require the accommodation for the summer agree that you re renting for the college terms only. Take photographs of the accommodation before you move in. Note any damage, any paintwork chipped or peeling so that it doesn’t get taken out of your deposit as a penalty. 

Don’t: Sign a contract without going over the small details

Different accommodation offers different packages – make sure you know exactly what is being offered to you. Are there any hidden extras, such as WIFI and Utility bills? Add these into your budget to make sure you are being as realistic as possible with what you can afford. Make sure to check the start date and end date on any contract.

Hazelwood Student Accommodation offers affordable student accommodation near Dublin City Centre. Students looking to rent apartments in Dublin, or who seek student accommodation near universities such as Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and University College Dublin, can find ideal student housing options at the Hazelwood Student Village. The Hazelwood Student Village is located in Northwood, within Santry Demesne in Dublin 9.

Hazelwood understands that students have enough pressure and worries on their shoulders as it is, and therefore strives to make your student rental apartment one less thing to worry about. Hazelwood Student Village offer property maintenance, 24/7 security on campus, study areas, bike racks, car parking spaces! With a gym, plenty of restaurants and cafes close by, Lidl and SuperValu as well as the city centre being only a short bus trip away, Hazelwood is the perfect place to live and make the most of the upcoming academic year.

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