Students disappointed with results urged to consider "other pathways to third level and a successful career"

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Clive Byrne, director of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) has urged students who may not have received the points they hoped for to consider the "many other pathways to third level and a successful career.”

Mr  Byrne,  offered his congratulations to Leaving Certificate students receiving their exam results today.

In particular, Mr Byrne noted the achievements of those students who achieved eight H1s.

“On behalf of all Irish principals, deputy principals and the NAPD, I’d like to offer my congratulations to everyone receiving their Leaving Certificate results today. It is great to see 31% of students take higher level Maths, however it is alarming to see that more than 3,700 students in total failed their maths paper," he said.

“I also need to highlight that the number of students taking higher-level subjects has reached a new record, a result of the change in the grading system introduced last year. It is now important that everyone in the education system looks at measures to help all students reach their maximum potential and eliminate the failure figures we see for maths every year.

“Passing your Leaving Certificate provides an extremely good foundation for further personal and professional development. Even if you haven’t received the results or points you hoped for, there are many other pathways to third level and a successful career. What matters now is that you continue to apply yourself to whatever it is that you do in life and constantly strive to hone your skills and talents.”

“As students absorb their results today, there will be some students and parents who may have questions about the results, particularly what they mean for the allocation of college places on Monday next. The NAPD would advise such students and parents to speak with their teacher or school principal today in the first instance. There is also helpful advice on the State Examinations Commission website at www.examinations.ie or they can call the National Parents Council dedicated exam helpline on 1800 265 165”, noted Mr Byrne.