Sligo/Leitrim gardai are urging people to stay safe and act responsibly this Halloween

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Pumpkin Festival taking place in Dundalk tonight

Stay safe and act responsibly this Halloween

Sligo/Leitrim gardai are asking that people act safely and responsibly this Halloween. They are offering the following advice:

▪️ Know where your child is and what they are going to be doing.

▪️ From our experience we find that large groups of young people are being dropped off at pre-arranged locations such as StrandHill or Ballintogher and when they are in large groups they are more likely to get up to no good. We want everyone to enjoy this Halloween, we do not want to be having to put a stop to it.

▪️ Areas will be monitored and will also have Garda checkpoints to stop search and seize illegal fireworks. Anyone found in possession of fireworks could face prosecution.

▪️ Please keep in mind the elderly and more vulnerable in our community. What might be a bit of fun for some may be frightening for others.

▪️ Please also be conscious of animals at this time of year. Consider keeping your pet inside today.

▪️ Parents if your children are going trick or treating make sure they wear a high viz (just ask for some at your local Garda Station) and it is advisable to carry a torch. Please accompany your child when visiting unfamiliar locations.