Nurses praise Irish rugby legend after he offers accommodation rent free during Covid-19

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Sean O'Brien

Two nurses have thanked Irish rugby legend Sean O'Brien after he offered them free accommodation during the coronavirus crisis.

Lydia Caslin took to Instagram to reveal that her and her colleague Alannah were offered free accommodation from the rugby hero as the two were forced to move out of their own living situations due to working on the front line.

Caslin said in a post: "Myself and @alannahmariaxo just want to give @seanobrien678 a huge shoutout for loaning us his house rent free during this pandemic!

"We are staff nurses working together in Dublin. Alannah had to leave her rented accommodation due to working on the frontline and I have moved out of my own home for the safety of a family member being immunocompromised.

"It’s people like Sean we need during this crisis. His kindness and generosity has blown us away. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel friends."

The Tullow Tank has had to change his living situation recently himself with the Ireland ace leaving Leinster to join Premiership side London Irish and recently made his debut for the side.