Call to reopen and extend Mohill offices of Leitrim County Council

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Guckian describes new council as "an unholy coalition"

Cllr Des Guckian said that as the proposed extension to the Carrick-on-Shannnon offices is not proceeding and in light of Covid-19, Mohill should have a council office reopened and expanded.

A proposal calling for the Council to reopen and expand its Mohill office has been unanimously supported by members of the Carrick-on-Shannon Municipal District.
At the July meeting, Cllr Des Guckian asked that, “in light of Covid, and the Council’s failure to go ahead with its expansion of the Carrick offices and to cut back on travel expenses for all people in South Leitrim who need services, Leitrim County Council reopens and expands its Mohill office.
“I hope we can all agree that people from the Mohill area, now working in the central Carrick office, will be allowed to work nearer to home in the Mohill office,” he said.
Other councillors rowed in behind the motion with Cllr Thomas Mulligan stating he had been "very much against the original proposals to move the offices away from Mohill."
"I feel that, with Covid-19, there is an argument for making use of the offices of Leitrim County Council in Mohill again," he said.
Cathaoirleach, Cllr Paddy Farrell and Cllr Sean McGowan also backed the motion.
Responding to the proposal, a spokesperson for Leitrim County Council acknowledged the Mohill Office has been used as a temporary library up to the time of the Covid Pandemic and is currently being used by the Council's Mohill roads outdoor staff.
The Council will keep the use of this building under review.
Cllr Guckian said he was unhappy with the reply he received noting it "is too short and doesn't really meet the situation at all".
"Covid has made sure every organisation including Leitrim County Council has to look at their work spaces and places" he said.
Pointing out that 18 years ago the council "sold us an idea" that everything should be centralised in a new office in the county town, Cllr Guckian said that the pandemic has changed everything.
He said that, with a lot of work potentially able to be carried out remotely by workers, it made sense to open and expand office space in Mohill.
The Independent councillor said there was also a knock on benefit to the local community who would not have to make the journey to Carrick-on-Shannon to carry out business with the Council.