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Modified plan for Mohill includes 151 parking spaces

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Modified plan for Mohill includes 151 parking spacews

Main Street, Mohill Picture: Willie Donnellan

The new modified Public Realm Plan allows for 151 car parking spaces in the town of Mohill.
The planning authority, taking into account the large number of submissions from the public consultation on the issue of parking, have added 16 extra car spaces.
The Council feels this new plan will allay concerns and meet requirements.

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In addition there has been full reinstatement of parking at the Buttermarket, of 16 spaces - all plans for this private area have been scrapped. The area will now just receive a new coloured layer of resurface.
The new plan describes that street furniture will be reduced and re-arranged, while table top surfaces will also be reduced to allow for more parking.

The entire area to the west of the Garda Station has been removed from the proposal.
The Council planners believe the improved pedestrian environment will ensure that people arriving by car can walk safely and
comfortably from on-street and off-street spaces to their destination within a few minutes’ walk, while balancing space for
pedestrians and businesses.

However local residents and businesses feel the new revised plan is not visual enough.
They are calling for the Council planners, engineers and local county councillors to meet with the residents and businesses in Mohill to “mark out” or show them exactly what the plan proposes on the streets.

Many people in the town say this is the “fairest” way to show the plans and hope for co-operation.
Seadhna Logan, one of the concerned Mohill residents said “Precedent has been set, the council and local representatives met with residents and businesses in Carrick-on-Shannon to discuss concerns over the road works on Main Street.
“If they can do it in Carrick, they can do it in Mohill.”

Modified report is not available to the public
“Everyone needs to read it” commented one councillor about the new modified Public Realm Plan for Mohill ... but the issue is the report is not a public document.
Despite references made during the meeting that the document be made public and available to all concerned about Mohill, the council says that because there was no decision made on the plan last week, “the Chief Executive's Report is therefore not yet a public document.”
So if you want to see the changes made on the proposed plans, you will need to contact your local councillor.
The Leitrim Observer has seen the revised new plan, which is 38 pages long.

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