launch exam creator feature for students

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter launch exam creator feature for students

Exam students who can work independently and plan their revision have a definite advantage in what is already a challenging school year for students, teachers and parents, Tony Óg Regan, a leading performance psychology coach, says.

The former Galway hurler works with young people on motivational coaching and was speaking at the online launch of Exam Creator, a free study aid from

“We learn and develop with focus and repetition.  Whether it’s a sport or mastering a language, practicing it over and over cements the learning, even subconsciously.  It’s like the Nike line – just do it!   Don’t overthink the hardship of study, don’t procrastinate.  Get into a routine, do the couple of hours every day, ideally at the same time, and move on.  Focus on the bigger picture of exam success.  Short-term effort has a longer-term gain, and you can do it” is the message, the performance coach says.

A new free addition to the study app, Exam Creator allows students or teachers create an exam paper in any subject, based on past papers. 

Ideal for revising and testing learning, papers can be designed by individual topics, or all, or can be based on the actual marking scheme.  For example, a student can create a maths paper dedicated to all past calculus questions on previous Leaving Cert exams.

Exam Creator is free to all members of, for Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle, and an unlimited amount of unique exam papers can be created at no cost.

Galway based provides study tools and premium revision content including study notes, sample exam papers and answers, multi-choice questions, essays and live and online tutorials.

School closures and disruption to learning in school is stressful, particularly for exam years, Padraig Ryan, iRevise Managing Director, says. 

“Our accessible up-to-date exam content and revision notes are a massive support for both students and teachers, who will rely on a lot of work being done independently this year”, the study app creators say.  

In operation for ten years, the mobile app and website is the largest online study platform in Ireland.  The mobile app makes study possible anywhere, even on the move, and over 30% of students in exam years now use

Most elements, including Exam Creator, past exams, revision notes and multi-choice questions are completely free to site members.  A premium membership at €7.99 per month allows access to live tutorials and other online teaching.

The business was developed by Galway engineers, brother and sister Eoghain and Ailish Ryan.  The siblings were responding to news of large numbers of Irish students failing maths and science subjects, and they wanted to provide a low-cost means for students to ‘practice exams’ and have easy access to study aids.

Constant revision and practice has long been the recipe for exam success and the iRevise creators say their practical tools help students achieve their potential.