Fianna Fáil and Green Party proposals on Local Property Tax will hit the revenue stream of Sligo and Leitrim County Council warns Deputy McLoughlin

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Laois homeowners will pay an extra 10 percent in Local Property Tax from 2018, after councillors vote for the increase

Deputy McLoughlin says Green Party and Fianna Fáil proposals will impact council funding.

Fianna Fáil and Green Party proposals on Local Property Tax would hit the revenue stream of Sligo and Leitrim County Council and "deprive our local communities of investment and growth at the expense of Dublin", Assistant Government Chief Whip, Deputy Tony McLoughlin has said. 

The Sligo/Leitrim Deputy added: “Fianna Fáil and the Green Party, along with the Social Democrats and the Labour Party want to introduce a new measure in order to keep local property tax revenues in the counties in which they are raised.

“Currently each local authority retains 80% of the LPT raised in their local authority area.  The remaining 20% is paid into an equalisation fund, which is used to support local authorities that do not have enough revenue base to meet their funding needs. As a result, Sligo and Leitrim are key recipients of this funding each year. 

“However under the so-called ‘Dublin Agreement’ between the four parties to control Dublin City Council, Fianna Fáil have committed ‘to retain and spend 100% of Local Property Tax collected in Dublin City on Dublin City Services.’ This allows the more prosperous counties such as Dublin and Cork the funding needed to develop further and will ultimately deprive Sligo and Leitrim County Council of much needed investment.

“Projected figures for 2020 show that Sligo County Council is set to receive €6 Million in LPT revenue for 2020 from the equalisation fund and Leitrim County Council €7.2m, after its local revenue has been raised. 

“This is funding for our local Council’s which must be secured and fought for in the face of this threat from Fianna Fail. The Government has placed huge emphasis on ensuring the economic recovery is felt across the country and that there is balanced regional development.

“We cannot allow Fianna Fáil and the Green Party to stop this progress. They also want to put a halt to the planned roll out of broadband nationwide and they are trying to scupper the Government’s ‘’Project Ireland 2040’ which gives the green light to necessary road improvement projects across the northwest, including the N4 Collooney to Castlebaldwin bypass, the Western Distributor Road in Sligo and the Eastern Garavouge Bridge.

“We cannot allow their proposals to keep all the LPT monies raised in those counties that are better off, ensuring unbalanced development," he said.