Melvin Gaels Million Minutes a great success

Leitrim Sport


Leitrim Sport

Melvin Gaels Million Minutes a great success

Olympian Breege Connolly, who launched the Melvin Gaels Million Minutes plan, pictured on her Olympic Games send off in Kinlough

After enjoying a successful year on the field, Melvin Gaels GAA Club is hoping to inspire its local community off the field to record one million minutes of health-enhancing physical activity as part of the GAA’s Healthy Club’s initiative.

The initiative is part of the Melvin Gaels’ involvement in the GAA’s Healthy Club project and is intended to increase awareness of the importance to health of regular physical activity while bringing the community together to achieve this goal collectively.

The idea has already received the support of numerous local schools, playschools, community fitness classes, and other sports clubs in the locale, all of whom are pledging their support to help reach the ambitious target.

It was launched by local Olympic marathon hero Breege Connolly in the Kinlough Community Centre on January 13, where all interested parties were invited to sign up for the challenge.

Each Friday of the eight-week challenge participants (and potential new recruits) will be invited to gather at the Kinlough Community Centre at 8pm to log their weekly minutes of physical activity and to enjoy an array of health-related workshops and speakers.

On this Friday, January 27, Breifne Earley, adventurer and author of Pedal the Planet and ambassador for Cycle Against Suicide will give a  talk on his experiences.

Other topics to be covered include mental fitness and emotional wellbeing, the building blocks of well-being and the importance of mobility and movement for sport, exercise, and life. The club is also hoping to arrange a basic health test for those present at one of the Friday sessions.

Each week participants (individuals and/or groups) can also register their weekly activity minutes via an online form that will be shared on the Melvin Gaels Facebook and Twitter pages and website ( so they can track their individual progress as well as the overall tally of minutes completed.