Joint exhibition at Solas Gallery, Ballinamore

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Joint exhibition at Solas Gallery, Ballinamore

Plotting Escape by Ciara Julia Ryan and Doug Ross

Solas Art Gallery is proud to present two unique exhibitions running concurrently.
These shows open this Friday, May 10 at 7.30pm

Amy McGovern's Finally We Are No One exhibition will run along with Doug Ross and Ciara Ryan's As I went Down to the River Styx.
Amy McGovern is a visual artist from Sligo. She graduated in 2011 from IT Sligo with a degree in Fine Art specialising in painting and drawing.

In this body of work Amy ponders the ever-changing nature of our environment. As her focus has shifted in recent years to our natural environment she has been increasingly influenced by the work of Paul Gauguin and Peter Doig.
Another inspiration has been the last man tradition in poetry. In her paintings, lone figures and small groups roam desolate landscapes giving the sense that an event of great significance has occurred, an apocalyptic change in this landscape.
The sun has darkened, nature is reclaiming our spaces, there is a sense of foreboding for the few remaining inhabitants. The mood is one of uncertainty and alienation.

Ciara Julia Ryan is an actor who has appeared on stage, radio and film. Her credits include Donal Ryan's Spinning Heart, The Full Moon Hotel and Once a Catholic.
Doug Ross has been a visual artist since 1983 and has exhibited in art galleries and museums in Ireland as well as across Europe and North America.

Amy McGovern's whale painted with oil on board

In the words of the artists; “The starting point for this body of work was an image that we made together in the Spring of 2016 called Persephone’s Gate. We reached a shared understanding that the death/ rebirth experience exemplified by Persephone crossing the River Styx is one that requires making a conscious choice and having the courage to face the unknown.”

Both shows are to be opened by Jennifer Richardson, Photographer and PRO of Solas Art Gallery.
Solas Art Gallery will be hosting National Drawing Day on Saturday, May 18 with free drawing experiences for all to attend.

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