Local aid worker calls for a Leitrim ‘Duvet Day’ for charity

Win an extra day’s annual leave

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Local aid worker calls for a Leitrim ‘Duvet Day’ for charity

Sign up for 'Duvet Day' in Leitrim.

A Leitrim aid worker is encouraging hard-working staff from all across the county to raise funds and awareness for work in the developing world by entering a draw that could see them win an extra day’s annual leave.

‘Duvet Day’ is being run by GOAL on March 9th in an effort to raise funds for the crisis in Syria and other major emergencies currently affecting millions of people around the globe.

Already, the event is set to take place in hundreds of companies and organisations throughout the country.

While all funds raised going towards GOAL’s work with some of the most vulnerable communities across their 13 countries of operation, the winner of each company draw will receive a day off work.

Eimear O'Neill from Dromahair, who works for GOAL in their head office in Dun Laoghaire, says it is the perfect way for employers to contribute towards their social responsibilities, while also ensuring that there is a very tangible reward for at least one member of staff.

“As I work in GOAL, I know how critical this type of fundraising is to the work that we do every single day,” She said.

“I also know how hard my colleagues work to help deliver our many relief and development programmes all around the world. We will be holding a GOAL Duvet Day draw in head office here in Dun Laoghaire on March 9th and I would encourage staff from all over the county to encourage their employers to do the same. Sometimes we all need that extra day free from deadlines, stress and work!”

To learn more about Duvet Day, and how to get involved visit goalglobal.org/duvetday or phone 01- 280 9779.