POLL: Should all flights from high risk Covid-19 countries be immediately halted by the Government?

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Transatlantic flights

Should we stop all flights from high risk countries or will this be too difficult to control?

Yes, the Government should immediately stop all flights to and from high risk countries

The Government should stop all unnecessary (i.e. tourist) flights to and from high risk countries - but some people have to travel for genuine work reasons and they should be allowed to fly.

Instead of stopping flights, the Government should designate specific locations where someone arriving must sit out lockdown (at their own expense) for two weeks, before people are then given leave to move out and enjoy their holiday.

These flights are coming in, we should just give the relevant authorities greater powers to enforce stricter lockdown rules on those who travel.

It is too little, too late.

There is growing anecdotal evidence that at least some of those arriving on our shores are failing to observe the mandatory two week quarantine period. There have also been reports of tourists failing to observe social distancing guidelines.

Currently, people who arrive in Ireland from abroad – including people resident here – are asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Everyone who arrives here from another country must fill out a Covid-19 passenger locator form, and provide details on where they intend to self-isolate. 

Our question is, should the Government immediately stop all flights from countries which are experiencing a prolonged upward trend in the spread of the virus? Or is it all too little, too late?