Do you think non-smokers should get additional days of annual leave?

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Japanese companies are introducing a new incentive for workers to quit smoking

Non-smokers should be given additional days of annual leave. 

No, all workers should be treated equally regardless of whether they smoke or not.

I don't care

Non smokers should not be given additional leave but smokers should be limited in the amount of smoking breaks they can take and the duration of these breaks.

Japanese companies have become models of efficiency and, with recent incidents highlighting the burnout  encountered by many employees in the workplace, companies have begun instituting changes aimed at improving the health and welfare of workers.

In some companies there is a maximum ceiling placed on the hours employees can work and breaks are strictly enforced. But the latest health initiative may raise a few hackles. Some companies are trying to encourage employees to quit smoking by rewarding non-smokers with up to six additional days of annual leave. The idea is this extra annual leave makes up for the multiple breaks smokers take during the day while non-smokers remain at their desks. Multiple studies have shown that smoking has a dramatic impact on health leading to greater susceptibility to serious respiratory illnesses and thus, potentially more sick days, negatively impacting workplace productivity.

Of course, in Japan, this incentive is being tied with additional company supports for those wishing to quit smoking but that aside, we're asking the question - should this sort of policy be introduced in Irish companies?