Connacht GAA Championship

Video: Media urged not to use match odds when previewing Connacht Championship games

Philip Rooney


Philip Rooney

In recent years the addition of match odds in big game previews has become a regular feature but Connacht GAA President Mick Rock is hoping that may soon be a thing of the past.

Speaking at the launch of the 2017 Connacht Championship in Bekan yesterday, Mick Rock said, "I would appeal to those who report on our games and those who preview our games if they could consider desisting from the now common practice of including in their preview the match odds for the game.

"There is a whole sub-growth of people whose only connection with the GAA is the betting opportunity it presents for them. While I'm not naive to think they would not be able to access the odds somewhere else I think including it in the stats of the game the same as the record of each team against each other before and highligthing the top players and then the betting odds. It mainstreams it and puts it in there as an essential part of the package and I think it does add an added encouragement. There are so many interesting things we can write about to preview a game we don't have to give up our space and our time to provide free advertising to the bookmaking firms who don't need that in the first place."

We did find that we regularised the concept of drinking from the cup until we realised the error of our ways. I think we might also see that regularising the concept of the betting as an essential part of the whole match product is something that if we were to desist from it we might but take a small but significant step in that direction.