Allianz NFL Division 4 Final

Watch | Leitrim manager Terry Hyland insists Leitrim have the ability to return to Croke Park next year

"The wides ultimately killed us"

Philip Rooney


Philip Rooney

Leitrim manager gave his verdict on Leitrim's performance in today's Allianz NFL division four final and was full of praise for his players even though he acknowledged: "The wides ultimately killed us."

Reflecting on the game Terry said: "You can look at the ratio of wides for both sides and it's not hard to figure it out. We have staticians and we have statistics but the biggest statistic is the scoreboard. If you don't keep that right it doesn't matter about the rest."

Heaping praise on his huge team Terry said the experience will be "immense" for Leitrim and expressed the belief that Leitrim can return to Croke Park in the near future.

"It will give them that bit of a boost and that bit of confidence and I think they actually have the ability to come back here next year if they apply themselves right and work hard and I said that in the dressing room and I have no problem saying it publicly because I think there is an awful lot more in these lads."