Heartwarming stories of kindness amid coverage of Covid-19 spread

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Amid all the doom and gloom, there are some heartwarming stories starting to emerge.

Amid all the doom, gloom and panic buying since new restrictions were brought in to restrict the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Ireland, heartwarming stories of kindness, generosity and just good old fashioned caring for your community, are starting to emerge.

Here are some of the stories to remind you that not everything is bleak and best of all, to restore your faith in people  - faith that probably was a little shaken by the actions of some incredibly self-absorbed souls in supermarkets over the last few days.

Tegi's Tea Room in Rooskey

In showing fantastic community spirit, Tegi's Tea Room is certainly leading the way. The tea room put up this post on their facebook page:

And they are not alone.

In Aughavas, Co Leitrim, a local man, Terry Williams, who runs a history page for the community has put up this post:

All over the region there are local people in communities offering help to the elderly from collecting essentials to just a friendly voice over the phone when they are needed. Do you know any businesses or people who are going over an above in this pandemic to help others?

Let us know and we will get the word out. Heartwarming stories are what's needed  - remember, we can all make a difference if we think and act as a community, not just focus on ourselves.