O'Rourke and Ellis elected on the first count in the Ballinamore Local Electoral Area

Leonie McKiernan


Leonie McKiernan

Suckler subsidy is a must says Co Leitrim councillor

Paddy O'Rourke has topped the poll in the Ballinamore LEA

As expected Paddy O'Rourke (FF) and Caillian Ellis (FF) have been elected on the first count in Ballinamore LEA. O'Rourke had a massive first vote of 1365, topping the poll by over 400 votes.

The results of the first count are as follows:

Barry (SF) 765

Dolan (Ind) 564

Ellis (FF) 954

Gilhooley (SF) 636

McGloin (FG) 754

Mulvey (SF) 339

O'Brien (Ind) 27

O'Dwyer (Renua) 43

O'Rourke (FF) 1365

Reynolds- Flynn (FG) 695

Wynne (Ind) 399

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