North Leitrim Glens Centre

Major digital conference planned for Manorhamilton

Saturday and Sunday, October 14 -15

Observer Staff


Observer Staff


Major digital conference planned for Manorhamilton

The North Leitrim Glens Centre will host a major digital transformations conference later this year on Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15.

Scott Coombs who is originally from California but now lives in Glenboy near Manorhamilton, says “I am excited to be bringing this new conference to the Glens in the autumn.”

He added the conference “looks at the cultural impacts of the emerging digital society and gives artists and others a chance to see and react to the big changes in arts, politics and society.”

Many leading lights in the Manorhamilton have expressed delight at the news the conference will be staged in the town and particularly members of the local artistic community.

The Digital Transformations Conference entitled “An Exploration of Art in a Digital Society” according to its organisers will look at issues related to “memory, authorship, identity, productivity, privacy and consumption (which) are all changing.

“The digital society is transforming our traditional relationship to these concepts, enhancing some and alienating others.” The conference organisers also ask “can artists help us navigate and respond to this new reality? Is society even looking to artists to help make sense of the transformation?

“Or has the Digital Age moved beyond a need for artists? Are we not all artists now? Are machines and algorithms our artists and arbiters of taste? How will we find meaning in this brave new world?

“Digital Transformations brings together thought leaders in the arts, in business and technology, education and journalism to share their views on the digital society and the meaning and value of the arts in such a society.

“It is a showcase for artists who have begun to address these issues in both traditional and non-traditional forms.”

The October conference promoter in The Glens Centre also ask “who is this conference for?”

Their answer is “the conference is designed to attract artists, creative industry workers, technologists, people involved in arts infrastructure (at a policy level to volunteers), and anyone who enjoys and values the arts and culture.”