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Leitrim County Council issue road safety notice with large volumes of traffic expected to pass through county

Saturday and Sunday will see increased traffic volumes

Philip Rooney


Philip Rooney

Leitrim County Council issue road safety notice with large volumes of traffic expected to pass through county

Ahead of the forthcoming big matches in Croke Park this weekend, involving three teams from the Connacht region, Leitrim County Council’s Road Safety Office together with the Road Safety Authority, is reminding all those attending the matches in Croke Park to drive safely both to and from the Matches.

The roads leading to Dublin will be very busy on both Saturday and Sunday as people travel to and from the matches. Road users need to be extra vigilant due to the volume of traffic which will be travelling to and from the matches.

The following is some advice for road-users intending to travel to and from Croke Park and also to road-users intending to watch the matches on television, either at home or in the pub:

Plan your Journey in advance. As the roads will be very busy due to the volume of people attending the matches in Croke Park, ensure to leave adequate time for your journey up to and home from the matches.

Plan ahead. Make sure you know how you’re getting to and from the matches or to and from the pub to watch the matches.

Slow Down – Drivers are urged to Slow Down and Save Lives – Speed is a major factor in the cause and outcome of road collisions. Drive at the right speed for the road conditions. Act responsibly.

Driver Fatigue – Driver fatigue is a major cause of road collisions. If you feel tired while driving, pull over, have a coffee and a short sleep. Take regular breaks from driving if you feel sleepy. “Stop, Sip & Sleep”

Always Wear a Seatbelt – Always wear your Seatbelt and ensure passengers are wearing theirs too, no matter how short the journey.

Never use Mobile Phones when Driving

Never overload a Vehicle with Passengers

Never ever drink and drive. Any amount of alcohol impairs your driving so either leave the car at home and arrange alternative transport, or abstain from Alcohol altogether.

Advice for Pedestrians - If you have been drinking alcohol, do NOT walk home. Arrange alternative transport. Almost half of all pedestrians killed on our roads have consumed alcohol. It’s a risk you shouldn’t take.

The Morning after the Night Before - If you do drink and arrange alternative transport, do not forget that that you could still be over the limit the next morning so take the necessary precautions. It takes roughly one hour for your body to get rid of one unit of alcohol which is a half pint or a standard glass of wine, so if you got to bed late and didn’t get a good night’s sleep, the effect of the alcohol will be more significant. 1 in 10 drink driving fatalities happen between 8am and 11am so if you have had a heavy night out, leave the car at home. 

Expect the Unexpected

Wishing all the Teams involved every success.

Enjoy the Matches!! But most importantly, ARRIVE ALIVE.