'Save the Glan' follows Leitrim schools in seeking new families

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

'Save the Glan' follows Leitrim schools in seeking new families

Curravagh NS, Glangevlin, Co Cavan

A small rural community in West Cavan is following in the footsteps of three recent Leitrim schools  in  appealing for people to come and live in the area in the hope of keeping the school viable.

Residents of Glangevlin in West Cavan have formed a ‘Save the Glan’ group in a bid to stop the decline of the population which is putting their local school and community in jeopardy.

Numbers have seriously dwindled at the local Curravagh National School in recent years and the school has been told by the Department of Education that  that unless at least 15 students enrol in September, they will lose their second teacher and the future of the school will be uncertain.

The community have secured vacant housing for new arrivals to the locality, thus saving the school and revitalising their local community.

Recent Census figures revealed the Curravagh NS catchment area suffered a near 9% drop in the five years period 2011-2016.

Located en route to Dowra, and three miles from Glangevlin village the DEIS funded was renovated comprehensively in 2009. It was built in 1933 and had been one of four schools in the parish.

Inspiration  for the Glan campaign is being drawn from the example set by Kiltyclogher residents who faced a similar situation and managed to entice new families with 'Kiltylive'. Tarmon and Aughavas are also hoping new families will come and live locally to rejuvenate their communities.

To enrol or make enquiries call 0719623290 or email curravaghns@gmail.com

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