Watch: Impressive Ballinamore hosts Connacht Fleadh 2018

Videos of the weekend from Fleadh TV

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Watch: Impressive Ballinamore hosts Connacht Fleadh 2018

Connacht fFeadh 2018 in Ballinamore

Were you in Ballinamore for the Connacht Fleadh Cheoil at the weekend? If not, you really missed out!

The town really shone brightly, thousands attended, competed and enjoyed music, song and dance throughout Ballinamore at the weekend.

The TG4 stage really impressed as well as obviously the acts involved. 

Even those who usually don't usually enjoy traditional music, couldn't help but tap their feet, and hum along in the Ballinamore sun!

Medals and trophies were won and lost but memories of a successful Connacht Fleadh in Ballinamore 2018 will live on.

Here are a few videos from Fleadh TV.

Setting up the main stage:

Locals enjoying the music:

Dancing on the Main Street:

Steph Geremia, Ben Gunnery & Shane McGowan entertain the crowds:

Well done to all involved in Connacht Fleadh 2018.

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