Protest held at Sligo Leitrim Fine Gael convention over "anger with Government"

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Protest sign

Protest held outside Fine Gael convention in Sligo last week

A group of about 30 people  from Sligo and Leitrim gathered outside a the Clayton Hotel in Sligo last Thursday evening, July 19 at the Fine Gael convention to show their anger at the Government party.

According to a spokesperson who contacted the Leitrim Observer, "Of particular importance to the group is that party's absolute abandonment of its Christian Democratic roots by bringing abortion into Ireland, and the anti blasphemy and anti family referendum proposed for this Autumn. This latter manoeuvre will remove all recognition of the value of the work of the mother in the home. Therfore parents choosing to care for their children at home will have no recourse to the state to reimburse them financially for this Constitutionally recognised and valued work of parents."

The organised group which included people from different sectors, gathered to show "We haven't gone away." The protesters said they intend to be active in the political arena "to persuade voters of the government's mis- handling of, and misinformation in the Abortion referendum, and in many other aspects of life e.g Brexit, the Cervical Smear Test Scandal, the HPV vaccine; the HSE's ongoing failures and particularly it's targeting of the weak and vulnerable by inadequate or denial of care especially in the local area; anti family policies, mass afforestation in the West, poor broadband services; impossible planning regulations for young  couples building a new home, forcing them to travel into the towns and 
urban areas to live; poor water services throughout the country and all the other local, national and international issues." 

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