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A lot of problems with HSE in Leitrim - says local councillor

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Fenagh Councillor Caillian Eliis has stated “there are lot of problems with the HSE in Leitrim.”

Cllr Ellis made the comment in relation to a motion calling for a second ambulance to be provided for Leitrim pushed by Cllr Brendan Barry.
Cllr Barry also asked that an Emergency Deployment Point be provided in Ballinamore in order to improve response times in the region. He commented that the main concern with response times seems to be in the Ballinamore area, which is located close to West Cavan and Longford.

He noted while the ambulance crew returned to Carrick-on-Shannon from Boyle last month, “but there is still work ongoing there and so the crew still have to work from Boyle.”

Cllr Ellis said he has asked the HSE a number of questions about Leitrim services and is still awaiting replies.
He said there is a push for a second ambulance in Leitrim and agreed Ballinamore would be an ideal location, but announced that there are no facilities available in the Ballinamore Primary Care Centre.

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