Leitrim company launches open water safety swimming device

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Leitrim company launches open water safety swimming device

Leitrim's new product Tekrapod modelled

Tekrapod is an innovative safety device for open water swimmers developed on the shores of Lough Gill, Co Leitrim.

The product has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise €20,000 to bring their personal safety device to a burgeoning open-water swimming community.

The Tekrapod is a revolutionary Personal Safety Device, which is compact, seamlessly designed, simple to use and has great aesthetics. The Tekrapod is designed out of frustration of not having a personal safety device designed specifically for open water swimmers. The product claims to not interfere with swimming experience, identify presence to other users 

John Hanley, founder and MD of Tekrapod explains: “The current safety devices available on the market are not designed specifically for open-water swimmers who want a device they can wear and forget."

The device remains deflated in a small hydrodynamic pouch located between the shoulder blades, until you need it. This also makes it race legal. Because of its unique location, it can support a powerful strobe light, which notifies other water users of the swimmer’s presence. It is fully reusable by replacing a 16g CO2 cylinder, just like the ones you use for your bike.

According to Bryan McCrystal the Irish National Long Distance Triathlon Champion and National record holder, “the Tekrapod is a game changer for me, up until now I was reluctant to use a cumbersome personal safety device, they constantly remind you of their annoying presence. Now, with the Tekrapod, I feel I can wear it and forget it while I get on with training and racing,
knowing I always have a backup plan when I need it. Everyone who swims in open water should wear one, especially when you have a wife and two small kids, it’s a fantastic piece of kit.”

While the device retails at €135 for the streamlined backpack and internal bladder, it will be discounted for the period of the kickstart campaign by up to 35%, a saving of over €47. 

So far the campaign has raised under €10,000, you can support this product here.

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