Are you struggling with addiction?

The HSE has a confidential service - HSE Drugs & Alcohol Helpline - which has both a freephone Helpline (1800 459 459) and an email support service (helpline@hse.ie).

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Are you or is someone you love battling with an addiction issue?

The HSE has a confidential service has both a freephone Helpline (1800 459 459) and an email support service (helpline@hse.ie).

The HSE Drugs & Alcohol Helpline provides support, information, guidance and referral to anyone with a question or concern related to drug and alcohol use and/or HIV and sexual health.

The service is non-judgemental and offers space to talk about your situation, to explore some options and to consider your needs. During calls/ emails, staff refer to a database of over 400 services nationwide.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30am and 5.30pm.

If you have any questions about our service, feel free to get in touch. The Helpline is a member of the European Foundation of Drug Helplines (FESAT) and Telephone Helplines Association (UK).

For more information visit www.hse.ie/go/drugshivhelpline or www.facebook.com/drugsalcoholandhivhelpline

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