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Arts Council support for local projects in Sligo and Leitrim

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News Reporter

Arts Council support for local projects in Sligo and Leitrim

Orlaith McBride, Arts Council Director, Edwina Guckian (Leitrim Dance Project), Liam Scanlan (Leitrim Dance Project) and Sheila Pratschke, Chair of the Arts Council.

Throughout the year there are a number of festivals held throughout the region with the support of the Arts Council with the CosCos Festival and Leitrim Dance Project being just two of the local festivals funded by the Arts Council.

Both festivals have been allocated funding for 2019 with Cos Cos Festival awarded €12,000 by Sligo County Council and the Leitrim Dance Project awarded €5,000 by Leitrim County Council.

The CosCos festival raises the profile and appreciation of traditional arts such as dance, poetry, visual arts, crafts, song, story, drama, archaeology and history.

The Leitrim Dance Project has brought dance to the community of Leitrim and rural Ireland and given people the opportunity to partake in, experience a festival with a very high calibre of dance.

Brenda O’Callaghan of CosCos Festival said, “We continually support and develop audience numbers by engaging and cooperating with other events who support us in turn, showcasing top quality facilitators, artists and tutors.”

Those sentiments were echoed by Edwina Guckian, Leitrim Dance Project who said, “Our festival would not be possible without the support of the Arts Council. It has allowed our festival to grow from year to year, becoming an established festival that people look forward to returning to annually from across the world.”

Arts Council Director Orlaith McBride said, “Each festival has its own distinct character which comes from the artists, the vision and dedication of the individuals that make it happen, and the specific characteristics and history of its place. Festivals also contribute to the financial wellbeing of a region, providing work for artists, attracting visitors to an area and stimulating the local economy.”

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