Delays to be expected for those travelling to Carrick-on-Shannon for the football finals today

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

TRAFFIC ALERT: Huge delays heading into Kildare this evening

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Those intending to travel to Carrick-on-Shannon for the football finals today (Sunday, October 8), are advised to give themselves extra time to travel as traffic will be particularly heavy.

Delays are expected, especially for those travelling on the R280 into Carrick-on-Shannon as there will also be a charity cycle underway in the area.

Please keep an eye out for cyclists and ensure you give them plenty of room if you are overtaking.

Gardai are also advising anyone travelling in for the matches ensure they follow all parking signage. Do not park illegally and do not block access to homes or businesses. People are advised not to leave any valuables in their vehicles. If you must do so, ensure they are locked away in the boot.