Accommodation for rowing facility in Mohill is “nearly non-existent”

Large numbers now using the facility

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news reporter


Accommodation for rowing facility in Mohill is “nearly non-existent”

Lough Rinn Rowing Facility

A call was made for Leitrim County Council to discuss with various funding agencies the possibility of securing funding for accommodation in the Mohill area to cater for the large numbers now using the new rowing facility on Lough Rinn.

The matter was raised at the January meeting of Carrick-on-Shannon Municipal District by Cllr Enda Stenson who said they must encourage further accommodation in the area to supplement the popular new facility.

Cllr Stenson tabled a motion asking what development are expected to be put in place regarding parking and a starting/finishing hut.

He suggested the local authority would discuss with the Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board developing a hostel on part of the old vocational school.

He said a number of groups would avail of the rowing facility but they need a place to stay. Cllr Stenson said such a move would also bring much-needed work to the area.

Cllr Stenson told the meeting that “accommodation in the area at the moment is nearly non-existent” and said rowing clubs, particularly from Northern Ireland, as well as schools and universities love to come down to train and compete in Mohill.

Cllr Sean McGowan supported the proposal and described Lough Rinn as “Second to none, a fabulous facility” and agreed that more and more clubs were looking to use it. He agreed that the old vocational school would be ideal and suggested Mayo Sligo Leitrim ETB might provide funding for it.

Cllr Séadhna Logan also fully supported his colleague and suggested the HSE were willing to listen to proposals regards its former facility, Ashbrook House.

Cllr Stenson said the HSE would be willing to hand it over to a group for a nominal fee if a group had a proper and viable plan was in place. It is a fabulous facility with wonderful car parking. Cllr Logan agreed.

Cllr McGowan agreed but said the cost of turning that building into a hostel would be huge but certainly Mohill could do with it.

However, Cllr Des Guckian said it was not up to Leitrim County Council or the ETB to be go providing a hostel or be involved in that kind of thing.

“There's plenty of accommodation facilities in and around Lough Rinn itself and two villages that are there, some of which are not even partly occupied.”

Cllr Stenson replied that he still believes there should be a hostel in and around Mohill.

“I know you like to be negative about anything that we do propose, but I still believe there should be a hostel that should be available to groups coming to Mohill. I think it would be invaluable,” Cllr Stenson said.

Shane Tiernan, Acting Director of Service, suggested members of the Municipal District that are on the ETB should bring it up with them and it was agreed to do so.