Shameful behaviour

Dumping taking place across 'Lovely' Leitrim

news reporter


news reporter

While news of the lifting of some of the restrictions on movement under the pandemic lockdown have been very welcome after weeks of isolation, the dramatic rise in littering at beauty spots and public amenities has been described as “disgraceful”.

Social media sites have been used to highlight the growing level of rubbish blighting community areas.

Pizza boxes, boxes of alcohol and aluminium drink cans are most prevalent amongst the waste left behind by day-trippers enjoying the recent good weather. All of these items are easily recyclable.

Volunteers working with tidy towns groups and those caring for community amenity sites have been collecting rubbish left behind by 'dirty dumpers' and are appealing for visitors to “take your rubbish home”.

Local businesses have been impacted as well. Over the weekend piles of cardboard boxes, plastic bins and other items were dumped outside of a charity shop at Main Street, Carrick-on-Shannon, despite the fact that there are signs in the window instructing people not to leave items outside the shop.

In another incident attracting plenty of attention on social media over the weekend, several black bags of plasterboard waste were dumped at Cloonboniagh Lake which is three miles outside of Mohill.

This comes despite the fact that Leitrim County Council's civic amenity sites in Manorhamilton and Mohill have been reopened this month.

“There is no excuse for this type of behaviour,” said Cllr Sean McDermott.

“In my own area of Glenfarne we have seen people visiting a beautiful amenity site for a party and leaving all their rubbish behind them. This is not acceptable and we aren't the only places being affected.

“People need to be more responsible and respectful,” he said.

Pictured below are instances of dumping in Carrick-on-Shannon, at Cloonboniagh Lake between Mohill and Dromod, at Keeldra Lake in Cloone and at Glenfarne.