Sheep killed by dogs in Rossinver shed

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Two dogs were put down after they attacked and killed a number of sheep in a shed in Rossinver in the past week.

The two dogs entered the shed and ran the sheep, causing injuries and deaths to a number of animals.
The dogs were subsequently destroyed.

In a separate incident, a dog was seen worrying sheep in the Glencar area. Despite a search, this animal has not been located.
Sheep flocks are particularly vulnerable at this time of year as the lambing season is about to begin. Even a single incident of being chased (worried) by dogs, is enough to make sheep spontaneously miscarry. Added to this is the potential for injury and death from mauling by the dogs.

Leitrim Dog Warden, Ciara O'Kelly is urging all dog owners to ensure that their animals are kept in secured yards at all times. Dogs should never be allowed to roam free and owners should ensure their dogs are properly secured in their house, a locked kennel or a shed each night.
If you are leaving your property, ensure your dog is properly secured so that it cannot leave your yard.

“Any dog, no matter the breed or the temperament, has the instinct to chase and the potential to cause serious damage to livestock,” explains Ciara.
“I have spoken to farmers who have lost sheep and they are heartbroken, it is devastating for them,” she said, “especially when, like these (cases) it is so close to lambing.”