Leitrim gym owner offers free fitness classes to students in junior and leaving cert years

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Advice for Dundalk students managing stress at exam time

One Leitrim gym owner is offering exam year students free fitness classes to de-stress.

There have been plenty of studies which have shown the positive difference that taking up exercise can make in our lives, especially when we are going through periods of prolonged stress.
Exam students facing their junior certificate or leaving certificate cycle finals can face enormous pressure but one Leitrim gym owner is determined to offer students a chance to stop, de-stress and stay physically and mentally fit with free fitness classes.
Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can make a real difference to stress and anxiety levels and allows you to relax and refocus your mind on your studies.
Paul Kilgannon, owner of Fit Kicks Fitness in Mohill explains: “I was working with teenagers and national school kids in February with The Leitrim Sports Partnership and I saw first hand the benefits of exercise.
“There is not an awful lot for anyone who isn't into Gaelic (sports) and I already have a couple of teenagers attending my classes and the idea just came from there.”
Between now and the end of the state exams in June, all members of Fit Kicks Fitness can bring their son or daughter along to workouts completely free of charge.
The only stipulation is the student must be sitting their junior or leaving certificate in 2018.
“Exercise is a great stress reliever and students can come in and do a class and it is a great way for them to deal with the pressure they are under,” points out Paul.
“Once one of their parents are signed up as a member the students can attend classes here at Fit Kicks Fitness in Mohill.”
The offer is open for all evening sessions and the Saturday 9am session. The Thursday 7pm session is female only. Places in classes can be limited so make sure to book your place in advance!
Fit Kicks Fitness is located at Unit 5 Mohill Enterprise Centre in Mohill and you can call Paul on 083 802 9692 for more information.

Call out to other fitness providers
Paul is encouraging other fitness providers to get involved in this initiative and said that others in the fitness and wellness industry have also expressed an interest in getting involved and offering free classes to exam students.
“It would be fantastic if a load of us got involved together and offered free classes to students,” said Paul.
“This is the future generation and they are under an awful lot of pressure, especially in exam years.
“I have seen myself the positive difference that exercise makes. When I worked with the Leitrim Sports Partnership I saw secondary students coming in, their shoulders down and really quiet and then, after exercising they walk out of the class with their shoulders back, their head up, talking and laughing,” he said.
“This is something that I can do to help students during a very stressful period of their lives and I would encourage others to also get involved.
If you are interested in offering free classes to students completing their junior of leaving certificate exams this year then please let us know.
Email the details to